An excellent and complete service

ProMould’s objective is to become the reference company for complete and integrated solutions in the sector of injection moulding of plastic materials.

The different skills which ProMould has available allow tackling any design and technical-manufacturing issue of the mould or associated with the moulding processes. In ProMould, the decade-long experience of its production staff is combined with the technical expertise of the designers, allowing a mutual and constant transfer of knowledge, methods, and sensitivity to improve the solutions offered day after day.

The ProMould service system is structured to also ensure the best level of satisfaction for companies looking for an integrated and reliable partner to implement injection moulding equipment, able to offer:

  • a proper management of total costs throughout the entire life cycle of the mould;
  • the opportunity to have a single contact person for engineering the product and creating the mould;
  • a quick and coordinated management of delivery times for series of moulds or for spare parts;
  • a clear drafting of the technical-production documents, together with the definition of the technical production specifications;
  • a responsive technical assistance as well as a fast and effective maintenance.


We create the 3D product prototype, giving shape and volume to the customer’s idea. Through process simulations we improve the result in order to obtain the required technical and aesthetic requirements.

Thanks to our production experience, we conceive the project with all the necessary measures to optimise the production setup process and simulate the balancing of the injection points and cavities.

Project Development

We design every detail that will make up the “mould machine”. The project is developed by using latest generation software which offer the possibility of verifying the mould and its operation through solid modelling.

Mechanical movements are controlled and improved through kinematic simulation, paying attention to solving in advance the problems which could occur along the production process.

Mould construction

The continuous search for perfection and the study of processing processes on the different types of steel, allow us to manage the processing and mold making phases in efficient and flexible way.

For each preject we define the production and control specification that allow us to identify, within our supply chain, the most suitable machinery, processes, operators and structures for the realization of the mold. This method allows to obtain high profile results in terms of aesthetic finishes, production performance and quality standards.

Assistance & Maintenance

We guarantee a mould maintenance service, both in production and made by third parties, in order to improve the functionality, productivity, extend the life cycle and maintain the quality of the mould over time.

We collaborate with customers in drafting a preventive maintenance plan, as we are aware that mould care is synonymous with safety and quality. Our service also ensures the production, supply and replacement of critical components and of spare parts subject to wear, breakage or deterioration.

Prototyping and Pre-series

Understanding the needs of immediacy and speed, required when introducing new items on the market, we offer a sampling and pre-series service to satisfy the initial needs of customers.

The timing of the sample or pre-series supply is increasingly important for our customers, both to test the production lines downstream, verifying any problems, and for marketing purposes, anticipating the product to the market or for specific technical and regulatory tests or relative certifications./p>

Mini-Mould Production

Our division specialised in micro-moulding guarantees flexibility in production programs and the capacity of a production structure designed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

ProMould has always believed in the philosophy of service, equipping itself with the ability to comply with agreed delivery dates or establishing “just in time” supply methods, all whilst ensuring maximum operational flexibility to customers and offering timely solutions to any kind of production problem.