Reinforcement spacer

Designed and patented for the correct implementation of the REBAR CAGE,
fully compliant with the AGI 2.6 standard (Associazione Geotecnica Italiana/Italian Geotechnical Association)

In order to reduce the danger of corrosion, the reinforcement must not be in direct contact with the ground of the bottom and side surface of the hole.

Therefore, the reinforcement itself will be equipped with suitable spacers, preferably non-metallic, able to ensure its centring inside the hole and a net concrete cover of at least 4 cm with respect to the longitudinal bars.

The Spacer is made of polyolefin resin, a high resilience material capable of guaranteeing reliability in application.

The Spacer is equipped with a quick coupling system for easy use during the installation of the cage through itssnap fastening system.

The correct use envisages the application of no 3 Spacers at 120 degrees on the diameter of the Cage with a maximum interval of 3 linear metres.