Professionals who are passionate about their work

The whole Team shares knowledge and passion for moulds

The Organisational Structure

ProMould is a competent and dynamic organisation.
Its consolidated production knowledge path and its technical expertise, combined with the strong motivation of its staff, allow ProMould to provide high-performance solutions for injection moulding and technologically optimised for any production context.

Its set of business skills, combined with a streamlined and flexible organisational structure, allow ProMould to meet customer expectations in a highly reliable and personalised way.
By directly managing the technical and qualitative aspects throughout its supply chain, ProMould has the ability to provide precise and efficient responses to the various customer needs.


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Production Team

Expertise & Reliability

Good results require preparation and commitment

The company

ProMould was founded in 1996 to provide advanced technical-production processing services for equipment and articles created by injection moulding of plastic materials.
Since then, ProMould’s activity has been characterised by an own method for engineering and industrialising plastic products, which allows providing customers with high-quality and efficient moulds and services, the result of:

  • a careful study of the industrialisation phases and of the moulding processes used in the customers’ production units;
  • precise and detailed technical-production drawings;
  • flexibility in structuring and delivering operational, assistance and maintenance services.

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Basic values

Intangible resources that make the difference


ProMould has always stood out for the quality and efficiency of its services, deeming the maximisation of results and the satisfaction of its customers indispensable.


ProMould has always invested in the relationship and in communication with customers, as substantial aspects of its service, in order to understand their specific needs and to transform them into the best result within each production context.

Culture of Quality

ProMould has based its work on the enhancement and motivation of its employees and on the involvement of suppliers and partners, in order to refine its value proposition according to a logic of continuous improvement.

Methodological rigor

ProMould bases its activities, and its control system, on processes and methods of proven excellence, which allow offering the customer a higher quality of the proposed solutions and reliability of the work performed.